ADr Plexus Medical Coaching Institute – was Established for coaching Doctors seeking admission in Postgraduate courses in India in 2008 . ADrPlexus is known for its quality coaching, highly disciplined teaching methodology, high level of satisfaction among students, its authenticity and transparency. The institute is known for its innovative methodologies and was the first one to introduce authentic  PGI based mock exams throughout INDIA and it is one of the few medical coaching institutes  to possess advanced OMR analysis technology.

ADrPlexus Medical Education has a competitive environment, latest knowledge pool, comprehensive study material conforming to high standards with regular up gradation of course materials, scientifically developed teaching methodology and a above all a Nation Wide Network.ADrPlexus Real Test Series & Real value Course has created new benchmarks and a nationwide reputation by sweeping consistently the top ranks in AIIMS and PGI

 Our Team

The success of any educational institute that prepares an aspirant for the cutting edge competition is none other than its precious asset called Faculty, who imparts the best and the useful to aspirants. ADrPlexus possesses a right blend of High Profile Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, PhDs & Post Graduates from Kottayam , Thrisur , AIIMS & PGIMER whose experience is well portrayed in their way of teaching. The dedicated team of faculty members will take pain in honing the skills of medicos and will infuse confidence among the students.

ADrPlexus Targets MAY PGI 2012

ADrPlexus is the only institute in India to conduct authentic PGI based Mock Exams throughout INDIA which helped many doctors to enter India’s No.1 Post Graduate Medical Institute. We  launched an unique 150 hr coaching program targeting MAY PGI 2012. Among 47 doctors who took the course for MAY PGI 2012 , we made a grand success by Securing  18 top ranks within TOP 100 from our TARGET MAY PGI 2012 course and 52 top ranks  within top 100 ranks were from our mock exam series throughout INDIA

 1. Dr Venkatakrishnan RANK 4 took MD Pediatrics                                                              2. Dr. Kabilan SJ Rank 25 took MD General Medicine                                                          3. Dr Nirmalya Ray Rank 33 took MD Pediatrics                                                                  4. Dr Ajay Sriram Rank 49 took MS General Surgery

ADrPlexus Repeated the success in NOV PGI 2012 Selections by sweeping TOP RANKS

1. KIRUTHIKA P Gen Rank 6 OBC Rank 2
4. RAJASEKAR T Gen Rank 19
5. SUDHARSHAN K Gen Rank 29
7. PRAMOD SAGAR .B.K Gen Rank 41
8. PRASANNA TY Gen Rank 52
9. KIRUBAKARAN P Gen Rank 54
10 NIRMALYA RAY Gen Rank 60
11. RANJANI Gen Rank 61
13 BHARATH RAM Gen Rank 97
14 PUNEETH K Gen Rank 187
15. ANOOP MATHEW Gen Rank 143
ADrPlexus Salutes you . All the very best for your future endeavours

In MAY PGI 2013 , ADrPLexus made a complete sweep of all TOP RANKS

1. Dr Rimesh Pal MD General Medicine RANK 2                                                                   2. Dr Nirmalya Ray MD Radio Diagnosis ( RV Course Student ) RANK 5                             3. Dr Anil Kallesh MD Pediatrics ( RV Course Student ) RANK 11                           https://www.facebook.com/dranil.kallesh                                                                                4. Dr Namrata MD Pediatrics ( RV Course Student ) RANK 27                                              https://www.facebook.com/drnamrata.todurkar                                                                      5. Dr Ranjani MD Radio Diagnosis ( RV Course Student )  RANK 22                                   6. Dr Michael Rua MD Radio Diagnosis RANK 7                                                                     https://www.facebook.com/michael.rua.94                                                                              7. Dr Pruthvi CR MD Gen Medicine ( RV Course Student ) RANK 31                                      https://www.facebook.com/drpruthvicr                                                                                8.Dr Vijay Williams MD Pediatrics ( OBC RANK 7 ) ( UG : JIPMER )                                     9.Dr Keerthivasan MD Pediatrics ( UG : JIPMER ) ( RV Course Student )  https://www.facebook.com/keerthivasan.seetharaman.9                                              10.Dr Vaitheeswaran MD Anaesthesia ( UG : JIPMER )                                                     11. Dr Rashmi Singh MD OBG ( RV Course Student )                                                           12. Dr Arulalan Mathialagan MS ENT ( RV Course Student )                                              https://www.facebook.com/arulalan.mathialagan                                                                    13. Dr Vamsi Dhar MD Anaes                                                                   https://www.facebook.com/vamsidhar.a.9                                                                        14. Dr Praneeth Suvvari MD ANAES                                                                                        https://www.facebook.com/praneethsuv                                                                                15. Dr Arun BS Gen Rank 34                                                                                                   16. Dr Raghava Rao G RANK 50                                                                                           17. Dr Monisha MD Pediatrics